About Us

Hey guys and gals, my name is Jessica Mathew. I am a person who loves to figure out and learn about new and interesting things happening around the globe in the fields of tech, science, politics, space, and tourism. My passion for learning new things coupled with an analytical mindset led to the creation of this blog. Using this platform, I am attempting to share tips and enthusiasm to help motivate you guys to achieve your goals in an efficient manner.

About the Blog:

This blog helps identify various appealing issues around us and provide solutions for them. Our blog help reader fulfill their thirst of keeping up to date and learning something interesting. Our website covers everything on tourism, tech, global affairs, health and fitness, DIY, fashion, and many more things. We provide tips, tricks, and reviews about things to make your life easier. This blog gathers all the happening around the world in various fields in a single place

About the Blog Sections:

This blog is comprised of a number of sections. Each section has interesting facts which will help you learn new things without getting bored. These sections are:

1) News:

If you are a person who wants to remain up to date with whatever is happening around the globe, this section is for you. It has information regarding festivals, rituals, and other discoveries. We only publish spicy thought-provoking and interesting news to keep your interest intact.

2) Health and Fitness:

There are no benefits of having wealth if you are not healthy enough to cherish the luxuries. This section covers all the tips, exercise, and diet plans you require to keep your body sound and fit.

3) Tech:

There is no life without tech. This section covers everything that is related to technology. We share news about new products and also provide reviews regarding them. From new mobile phones to virtual reality to gaming laptops, we have got you covered.

4) Travel:

This section helps you find tourist destinations to go to. From the hidden beauties of Maldives to the busy and buzzing food spots, you would find everything in this section. It also has information about traveling agencies and their plans to help to plan your trips better.

5) Business:

Get all the information and insight about the business world and stock exchanges. Learn about everything you need to set up your small scale business and then take it to the next levels.

6) Fashion:

Fashion is part and parcel of life. Get information about the latest trends in clothing in various parts of the world. Learn from the life of models and actors/actresses to further beautify and enhance yourself.

7) Lifestyle:

This section helps to improve your daily lifestyle and home apparel. How minor and small tweaks in your sofa settings and curtains can uplift the beauty of your house. We bring the expert opinion and share practical things rather than rooming around the impracticalities.

8) Auto:

To all those obsessed with bikes, cars, and luxury vehicles, this section is for you. Find about the latest vehicles and new technologies implemented in them. We provide an in-depth review of vehicles and compare them with others just to give you a better idea of which has the advantage over the other.