Best 20 WTF Facts in 2021

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WTF facts are the facts that are so weird, disgusting, unbelievable, and gross that you find yourself saying “WTF man”. The WTF facts are very much liked by those who appreciate the weirdness of life. If you want to read some interesting WTF facts then you are in the right place.

Best 20 WTF Facts:

I will be listing 20 WTF facts that will blow your mind, make you question your existence, and make you say out loud “WTF!” Get ready to be amazed and disgusted by weird WTF facts. From the weirdest history facts to gross facts, to bizarre world records and the thing you probably can’t ever unread below you can find the 20 best WTF facts.

The Bizarre Origin of Bulletproof vest:

Who do you think invented the bulletproof vest? Come on; take a wild guess a soldier? an ammo maniac? Well, whatever you might have guessed you surely must not have guessed a pizza delivery guy right? Yes, it was actually invented by a pizza delivery man from Detroit. What’s more, WTF and bizarre about this fact is the guy was shot twice at his workplace because he was late to his pizza delivery destination. Well, no wonder he invented the bulletproof vest to save himself.

Fetus Humans with real tails:

All humans have had tails at one point. Yes, you heard it right! Next in the list of 10 WTF facts is the tail of the human fetus. All human fetuses have a tail that doesn’t fully develop in later stages. However, in a few rare cases, genetic sequencing of the DNA containing the information required to construct the tail remains active. As a result, human beings with fully developed tails are born. Consider yourself lucky if you don’t have tails because human beings with tails are born.

Helium supply will run out by 2030:

It is estimated that Earth’s Helium supply will run out by 2030 and party balloons will cost $90 per balloon. So you can either get used to birthday parties without balloons or start hoarding them maybe?

You know what let’s start hoarding on our stash of Helium balloons from today so our birthday parties after 2030 won’t be less leisure-some. If someone asks, “Why are you collecting balloons?” You can always refer them to our best WTF facts.

Origin of Pinky Promise:

We all have made Pinky Promises to our siblings or best friends. But the concept of innocent pinky promise has a dark origin. Pinky promise originated in England in the late 1800s. It was devised as an act of punishment for the people who broke their promise and as punishment, their pinky fingers were cut off. Truly it is a WTF fact, right?

Ending in hospital for trying to hold in the sneeze:

Do you know you can end up in the hospital for trying to hold in your sneeze? You sneeze with the pressure of 1psi (1-pound force per square inch) which is enough to blow a small hole in your throat. Once a man blew a small hole in his throat by holding onto his nostrils and closing his mouth to hold in the sneeze. He was in the hospital for 2 weeks. So you should not try to hold in your sneeze unless you want to end up in a hospital.

The longest prison sentence:

This WTF fact will probably make you a saint out of you so that you can avoid jail. Not possible? Well, I’ll see.

This WTF fact is obviously about the longest prison sentence. The longest prison sentence ever handed out was 141,078 years to a lady named Chamoy Thipasyo of Thailand for running a scheme. The scheme focused on defrauding the members of the Thai Royal Family.

You definitely want to avoid scamming the Thai Royal family or else you and your soul after your death might be stuck in prison for what feels more than a lifetime!

You can tell if a diamond is real by just breathing:

If you want to know if the diamond is real, just breathe on it. Diamond is an efficient conductor of heat so when you breathe on a real diamond, the fog ought to disappear immediately. In the case of a fake diamond, it will take longer for the fog to disappear. Well, whether you owe diamonds or not you at least know how to tell real from fake ones.

White spots on your nail aren’t a sign of Calcium deficiency: 

We all know the universal concept that if you have white spots on your nail you have a calcium deficiency. Well, this is a myth and in this WTF fact, I’ll tell you the real reason why people get white spots on their nails.

White spots on fingers nails are caused by a medical condition called “Leukonychia” which is caused by minor injuries while your nail is growing out of its nailbed. So Next time someone says you are calcium deficient since you have spots on your nails you can tell them off.

Strange behavior of Black lace-weaver spider: 

In this WTF fact, I’ll tell you about the strange behavior of a black lace-weaver spider. A mother black lace-weaver spider drums on her web to call her babies unique right? But you have not read the creepy part yet. Once her babies arrive, they eat their mother alive and catch their prey in the same nest. Yikes.

The gross secret of Vanilla flavoring: 

This WTF fact might make you puke if you like Vanilla flavor. You might be wondering what could be gross about mouth-watering Vanilla flavor? Well, you’ll find out soon. The 10th WTF fact is that Vanilla flavoring is often made with beaver urine. Yikes gross but hey I still hope you can enjoy Vanilla flavor without tasting beaver’s urine.

Average human being swallows about 365 cups of mucus per year:

An average human can swallow about 365 cups of mucus in a year. That means 22 gallons of mucus per year. Well, this is yet another WTF fact you could have lived without ever knowing but I told you anyway.

The human eye remains the same size from their birth to death:

Our ears and nose are two body parts that never stop growing however human eye remains the same size from birth till death.

You can exhale farts through your mouth too:

This is another gross WTF fact that is bound to leave you disgusted. You can exhale farts through your mouth. If you hold in too many farts, some of the gas can be reabsorbed into your body and exhaled in your breath.

Queen Elizabeth’s handbag is a communication device:

English Royal family is known to have many secrets but did you know that the bag of Queen Elizabeth is a secret communication device. She uses her bag to relay secret messages to her staff. This a cool and fascinating WTF fact.

Woodpeckers can eat the brains of other birds if they get too hungry:

It is definitely one of the darker WTF facts on our list. Woodpeckers are usually peaceful birds that don’t attack or prey on other birds or small animals. But if a woodpecker gets too hungry, it can pin down other birds and peck at their heads until they can access and eat their brains.

Handshakes were actually a safety measure:

Today we shake hands when we meet our acquaintances or friends as a gesture of friendship. But in 5th century Greece, people used to shake hands to make sure that the other person wasn’t carrying a hidden weapon. The clasping of hand proved that the hand of another person was empty and shaking of hand was meant to “shake out” weapons hidden in the sleeve. Now you know how you can check the other person for weapons while shaking their hands.

The first man to pee on the moon was Buzz Aldrin:

Everyone knows Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were the first two human beings to land on the moon. However, Buzz Aldrin had to pee on the moon shortly after their landing. So he is the first man to pee on the moon. That’s another gross WTF fact you didn’t need to know.

A human could swim through a blue whale’s veins:

The blue whale is the largest animal to have ever existed. It is so massive and gigantic that a human can easily swim through its veins.

The Romans used to clean their teeth with urine:

This is probably the grossest and disgusting WTF fact. The Romans used to use urine to clean their teeth. All my hygiene-conscious peeps how you feeling?

Napping at work is considered honorable in Japan:

We all have gotten in trouble for sleeping at work at one point or another. In Japan, sleeping at your job is seen as a sign of diligence i.e. you were working so much, you got exhausted. This cool and Fun WTF fact that must have made you wished that you lived in Japan.

Wrapping up:

I hope you enjoyed these 20 Best WTF facts. Though random, these facts continue to fascinate us human beings. They may be funny, they may be gross: they may be disgusting or they may be informative but they sum up the essence of life and the essence of life lies in its randomness, unpredictability, and uniqueness that leave us human beings in awe.

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