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A pet is an animal or bird that people keep for entertainment or companionship rather than for work and other useful purposes. Pets are also called companion animals. Popular pets are usually those that are cute with attractive appearance, relatable personality, and intelligence. But some people have stray animals as pets on a charitable basis. Two of the most popular pets are cats and dogs. Technically, a dog lover is named a cynophile, while a cat lover is called an ailurophile. Except for these two animals, rabbits, pigs, ferrets, fish, rodents, rats, birds, mice, guinea, parrots, lizards, snakes, crocodiles, alligators, frogs, fowls, and others are cute weird pets. Pets give physical and mental health benefits to their owners. Walking a dog is a good exercise, along with a breath of fresh air and social interaction.

Moreover, there are some medically approved animals, therapy animals. These therapy animals are used for confined people like elders in nursing homes and children in hospitals. Companionship, protecting home or property, and the beauty and attractiveness of pets are the main reasons people keep pets. However, some animal rights organizations, scholars, and ethicists have raised concerns over keeping pets because of non-human animals’ objectification and lack of autonomy.

History of having Pets:

Having pets is a symbiotic relationship. That means it benefits both human beings and animals. Keeping pets has been a practice from prehistoric times, and this practice has been common in almost every culture. But this practice helps satisfy a universal human need. The history of pets goes hand in hand with animal domestication, and it is likely that dogs, being the first domesticated species was also the first pet. Domestication of animals initiated a working and useful relationship between dogs and their human captors. The dogs with strong jaws and better at tracking prey have been a great source of food supply for men. For example, in Mesopotamia, dogs resembling the present-day mastiff were shown helping and participating in a lion hunt.

Moreover, domestic life in Ancient Egypt included domestic pets. Not just dogs, cats, and horses are the most associated with human beings. Today, almost everyone knows the affiliation between Alexander the Great and his horse, Bucephalus. But interestingly, these two pets were domesticated relatively late in human history. For example, the evidence is not found about horses being domesticated in Paleolithic or Mesolithic times. Likely, cat as a pet was not domestic until the New Kingdom period (about the 16th century BCE) in Egypt. Strangely, Egyptians had tamed and domesticated many other animals like hyenas, lions, the Nile goose, monkeys, and dogs since the Old Kingdom period. But once cats were domesticated, their number grew most rapidly, and they became the most loved and most worshipped animal in the world. With time, people kept other animals and birds as pets.

Why Do We Love Pets?

Pets Love

The culture we are living in is a pet-loving culture. There seems a “human-animal bond.” Researchers spend a lot of time and energy exploring the “human-animal interaction.” But that bond and interaction were laughable a century ago when we took utilitarian roles from animals. This subject was also deeply unfashionable among the scholars, as John Bradshaw posits in his new book, “The Animals Among Us: How Pets Make Us Human.” Among other scholars who researched pet ownership, he coined a new term for their field: anthrozoology. In his book, he gives his views on why we have affection and fascination with pets. He argues that we don’t love pets because they are useful, attractive, and allow us to live longer lives. But because pet-loving is a part of human nature, deeply rooted in our own species’ evolution.

The Benefits of Pets:

People who own pets are prominent about having joys and happiness when sharing their lives with cute little pets. But many of us don’t know about the physical and mental health benefits attached to having cute anime pets. The human-animal bond is the latest subject of research. All pets have evolved to become attuned to our emotions and behaviors. For example, dogs understand most of our language and try to interpret our body language, gestures, and tone of voice. Research has found that pets can reduce anxiety, stress, and depression, encourage playfulness and exercise, ease loneliness, and even improve cardiovascular health.

Moreover, having cute exotic pets helps children grow more active and secure. pets have also provided companionship for older adults. Not just that, cute baby pets add unconditional love and a real joy to your life.
Following are the health and lifestyle benefits and changes of keeping pets

1: Increasing Exercise:

Keeping a pet increases your exercise. For example, giving the dog a walk is good exercise and the right way of proper daily training into your routine. Studies have found that dogs are more likely to meet their daily exercise requirements, and exercising is good and healthy for the dog. It will deepen the affection between you and the pet and eradicate most behavior problems in the dog and keep you healthy and fit.

2: Source of Companionship:

Another reason and benefit of keeping a pet are that it provides you companionship. As loneliness and isolation lead to depression, having a pet and friendship helps prevent illness and depression. Moreover, taking care of animal bears feelings of wanted and needed and take your focus and attention away from your daily problems, especially when you live alone. Most cat and dog owners like to talk with their pets because scientifically, dogs especially understand your language and interpret your body language and gestures. So nothing can beat loneliness better than coming home to a cute dog or purring cat.

3: Social Connectivity:

Along with providing companionship, pets are an excellent social lubricant that helps you maintain social connections and new friendships. You may have observed dog owners talking to each other on their way to walk their pets. Pet owners also meet new people in clubs, pet stores, medical houses, and training classes.

4: Reducing Anxiety and Depression:

Research has shown that a pet’s company reduces anxiety, offers comfort, and builds self-confidence among the people suffering from anxiety. Because pets live on the spur of the moment, forgetting the past and future. As a result, you learn to live in the moment, not worrying about the future.

5: Adding Structure and Routine to your Day:

Many pets, especially dogs, need regular exercise and feeding. This consistent routine of feeding and exercising keep animals healthy and balanced. It can also work for you. Whether you are anxious, depressed, or stressed, one sad look from the pet compels you to get up and exercise, feed, or take care of them.

6: Source of Sensory Stress Relief:

Empirical data shows that movement and touch are two good ways of easing stress. Stroking a cat, dog, or other pet can decrease your blood pressure and help you feel less stressed and calmer.

Top Cute Pets:

As already said, cats and dogs are the most famous and pets all over the world. People love having dogs and cats. If you think about pets, dogs and cats will come to mind.


Dogs all over the world are liked as pets. They are one of the most intelligent species and understand what we say and react accordingly. Except for being widely loved, historical evidence shows that it is the first animal to be kept as a pet. People usually get associated with dogs most often. They are the most adorable, and their habits are not irritating. But it isn’t easy to keep them compared to other pets because they need a scheduled routine; daily time for feeding and exercising especially walking. So people who spend most of the time at home can keep dogs as pets because they need proper care and cannot be left behind for a more extended period.

On the other hand, they need a broader place to play, like a home or expansive backyard. That is why dog as a pet is not suitable for people living in apartments. But this most loved pet has numerous breeds such as German Shepherd, Bulldog, Poodle, Labrador Retriever, Siberian Husky, Golden Retriever, French Bulldog, Dachshund, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Bernese Mountain Dog, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and many others.

1: German Shepherd:

German Shepherd Best Dogs for Home

Among dogs, the German shepherd is the most suitable for the family. With family members, they show love, affection and give lifetime happiness. They are loyal protectors and incredibly self-confident. These “Guard dogs” can protect your house or property because they usually don’t get inclined to strangers due to their protective nature. They are safe too. Their aggressive nature can be minimized by adequately socializing and training them. They are large size dogs. That is why families living in the home can keep them as they require a larger place to live and play. Although the German shepherd is considered a rough dog, yet they are (female German shepherd especially) is very affectionate and sweet-natured with children. So people living with their children in homes can keep them to have a life-long good experience.

2: Poodles:

Family Dog

Poodles are known for their intelligence and ease of learning. They are fun-loving, active, and family dogs. But poodles require attention because they may develop the habit of barking if left alone or ignored. Moreover, they can also be aggressive to other people and other dogs. For this to avoid, they need early socialization with other pets and people and training. Poodles can be very protective of their homes and families. An important thing to keep in mind is that poodles are hunting dogs. To be a good companion, they need exercise and training. These types of dogs are suitable for those who spend most of the time at home because they require much care and practice.

3: Siberian Husky:

Siberian husky is known as classical northern dogs. They are intelligent but stubborn and independent. They need human company and thrive on firm, gentle training right from their puppyhood. These dogs love to run, but the love of their guardian can overcome their love of running. Siberian husky becomes friendly with people, including children.

Moreover, they are good with other pets, and mostly they are raised with. They are more suitable in cold places because they can be diggers in warm weather. They don’t bark but howl.


Except for dogs, the cat is also one of the most loved pets across the world. Although the cat was domesticated and kept as a pet very late compared to the dog, it became a universally worshipped and most loved pet due to its cuteness and adorability. It brings companionship and unconditional love to your life. The versatility of a cat makes it a great pet. Either you live in a home or apartment, they can easily adjust. Unlike dogs, they don’t need a broader place to play. You may have seen cats playing in the TV lounge or bedrooms in movies or plays.

Moreover, they don’t need much care as a daily walk, training, or grooving as do dogs. They are also safer as compared to dogs, especially when you live with children and older adults. Interestingly, cats are rodent hunters and insect killers. So they keep your house pest-free. Essential types of cats include Norwegian forest cat, Japanese bobtail, Persian cat, Scottish fold, Gray tabby, etc.

1: Persian Cat:

Persian Cat

The Persian cat is a serene and calm pet that exhibits kitten-like activity. This cute pet lives beside you, sleep in your bed, stretches next to you, or sits on your lap when she is in the mood. She is very friendly and affectionate with everyone and anybody and can give you a loving experience as a companion. To be in top condition, she needs regular nutrition and exercise.

2: Norwegian Forest Cat:

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian forest cat is a sweet and loving pet. She loves to interact with people and appreciates the praise. Once she accepts people as her own, she makes a precious, loving bond and companionship. Being Norwegian, she is a hunter. If toys are real, she likes to chase them. If she is provided with a proper place to play and run, she does not need an appropriate nutrition plan. She is suitable for a family that wants to have loving companionship.

What makes Cats great Pets?

If you want to have a cat as a pet, these are some benefits of having a cat:

  1. Low maintenance cost
  2. They are quiet
  3. They are independent
  4. They have a long life span

Although cats and dogs are the most famous pets, there are many other cute small, and cute weird pets that people keep with them like horses, reptiles, birds, rabbits, fish, etc.

Reptiles and Snakes:

Reptiles and Snakes

Pets and health benefits are just limited to cats and dogs. Some other pets like snakes, lizards, rabbits, fish, and birds are animals to have as pets. Some may think that reptiles are cold-blooded and are not pet options, but cute reptile pets can attach to their owner and those who take care, handle and feed them. Cute lizard pets and cute reptile pets may be appealing to those who don’t like furry pets or find their unusual, exotic beauty attractive. Thus cute lizards for pets are a good option for those who want cute weird pets.


Except for reptiles, rabbits are another alternative who don’t like cats or dogs as pets. A rabbit can be a cute exotic animal as a pet with less maintenance than dogs and cats. Moreover, the rabbit has a lot of energy and personality. Having cute animal pets like a rabbit can increase your brain’s serotonin levels and reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Types of rabbit breeds are European Rabbit, American fuzzy lop, American rabbit, Holland lop, Mini lop, etc.

1: European Rabbits:

European Rabbits

Although European rabbits live in the wild, their need is not much different from those of the tame ones. Their diet includes grass, herbs, and twigs. They eat crops and fruits too. Being nocturnal ground dwellers, they tend to live in parks, fields, and woodland patches. Houses with expansive backyards can keep them as the pet and can have a loving experience of companionship.

2: American Rabbits:

American Rabbits

American rabbits are another pet that develops affection with their owner if former spares time to play with their little hoppers. Indoor and outdoor exercise gives them a lot of benefits, and they enjoy the company of human beings. Among other places to be choked on, they most enjoy being choked on their forehead and cheeks.


Birds like parrots can be a good companionship as they have a long lifespan. That is why these cute tiny pets are without the grief of losing them. In addition to this, teaching and talking tricks to birds can increase healthy cognitive function. Such is an appeal of small cute pets.

1: Parakeet:


You want to have a pet, and this time, it is not a dog or a cat, but a feathered friend. Parakeet, which is commonly known as “Budgies,” is a right pet. He can develop an affection and loving bond with you and your family, according to PetSmart. He will make you fall in love with his cute gestures and sweet tunes. With practice, a parakeet can whistle in tune, nibble out of your hand and learn the basic command. So it is a good option if you don’t want to have a four-legged pet.

2: Lovebird:

Cute Pets

Another option for the feathered pet is lovebirds. Nothing can beat their cuteness and bond when they develop a companionship with their owners. Be it other birds or human beings, and they make a loving relation. Lovebirds love to bathe, so to keep them healthy and in the top position, give them a bowl of water to have a bath twice or thrice a week.


Cute Pets

In dentists’ or doctors’ offices, homes, care homes, and other medical facilities, you may have notice fish tanks. There is a good reason for having cute animals for pets. It has been scientifically proven that keeping and watching fish reduces stress and calms your heart rate. So, cute small house pets, cute rats as pets, cute rodent pets, cute low maintenance pets, and too cute kittens and pocket pets are alternatives to dogs and cats.

Pet Popularity:

People all over the world have cute pets, be it cute animal pets, cute, cuddly pets, cute unique pets, cute, funny pets, cute furry pets, cute pillow pets, cute virtual pets, and cute rodent pets. Their number varies from country to country. For example, Chinese people own 51 million dogs and 41 million cats. The total number of pets increased from 389 million in 2013 to 755 million pets in 2019. Italians have 45 million pets, 16 million fish, 7.5 million cats, 7 million dogs, 10 million snakes, and 12 million birds, as per the Italian family association survey.

As far the English people are concerned, 31% people own dogs, 26% of households own cats with a total domestic population of these pets of approximately 10.5 million dogs and 10.3 million cats, according to the survey of the University of Bristol.

On the other hand, the American people have an immense love for pets. The numbers are the manifestation. For example, 68% of families own a pet, as per the National Pet Owners Survey report. That includes 78.2 million pet dogs and 86.4 million cats.

How to Find the Perfect Pet?

If you have decided to keep a pet, congratulations: you have decided to have a rewarding and unique relationship in your life. Although having a pet makes your life happier, more independent, and more secure, yet it is essential to have a pet that best suits your lifestyle, nature, and needs. While deciding on a pet, you should talk to your family members and make a list of qualities and habits you would prefer and avoid, respectively. When it comes to dogs, they come in numerous breeds and a mix of species, each having different personality traits and qualities. However, if you search for a cute little animal for pets, the rabbit may be the right choice for you and your family. Here are some essential things to keep in mind while deciding on a pet:

  • Either you live in a house or apartment? Because living in a home or apartment will the best-suited pet for you. For example, if you live in an apartment, a cat or rabbit is more preferable to a dog.
  • What is your lifestyle? Work schedule or something else? If you have to go to your daily job and are out of the home most of the day, then a pet that needs less care will be more suitable. Cute reptile pets and other cute small pets like the fish is more preferable.
  • Who lives with you? If you live with an elderly relative or small children, the dog is less suitable and safer than a rabbit or cat.
  • What is the area of your backyard? Large animals need a prominent place to run. So cute small house pets should be your choice.
  • What is your travel routine? If you travel a lot and most of the time on the road for play or work, then a pet that does not need much care and can be left alone for a more extended period is suitable. In this case, fish or reptile is the right choice, not a dog or cat.

To sum up, people keep pets to have companionship. Keeping cute pets gives health benefits, both physical and mental. The history of owning pets goes hand in hand with the domestication of animals. This culture is universally found. People of all ages have been keeping pets. In the past, animals were used for practical purposes, but now people keep pets for entertainment. There are numerous pets, being dogs and cats the most famous.


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