Top 13 Futuristic Motorcycle in 2021

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Few would not show their likeness for motorcycles as they are the epitome of cool. Everything about motorbikes is ridiculously excellent, from the metal’s shine, the leathers, and the thrilling ride. They are fashionable and scream hip that adds appeal and attractiveness to already unusual objects. No doubt, cars are also attractive and cool, but there is something more exciting and appealing for motorcycles. In addition to their coolness, there are cheaper to ride as compared to cars. The history of motorcycles goes back to the second half of the 19th century. Nowadays, they are not just riding but also magnificent engineering machines.

With the advancement of technology, dashing look, mileage, sound, and average have been improved. But there is no stoppage to improvement as some futuristic motorcycles will surprise you as it shows engineers from all over the world have dedicated time and energy to make them modified dreams. To celebrate such fantastic engineering ideas, we have shortlisted and reviewed some future motorcycles; their design, look, build-in quality, etc. Some bikes may appear in movies that are unavailable in the market. They are usually customized.

They look fantastic and fabulous while predicting the future. Without wasting more time, let’s now jump to the list of some futuristic motorcycles.


If we talk about the movie, terminator, there are much better movies than this, but the bike used in this movie is a beast and much better than any other bike. This new motorcycle car is built around the Ducati Hypermotard 1100. Although this future motorcycle is not available in the market, yet it can be an inspiration. If any motorcycle company wants to have a hot bike model or self-driving two-wheeler, the Terminator Salvation model can be looked for inspiration. Futuristic motorcycle riders will feel more freedom while riding this bike.


Fiction literature or fiction movies have nothing to do with reality, but their ideas give light to the future. The same goes with the British comic books and their adaptation, and judge Dredd was just a character. First released in 1995 and second in 2012 in which Sylvester Stallone played the role of every character. In both the movies, he used a heavy-armed bike, Lawmaster, based on the Suzuki GSX 750S. This futuristic motorbike gives a ray of futuristic bikes. The very model can be materialized in the future with new motorcycle technology to build one of the best futuristic bikes.

The Dark Knight-The Batpod:

futuristic motorcycle in 2021

Another model that can be used to build one of the cool motorcycles of the future is Batpod. There would be few who are not aware of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. In this movie, Batman drove the Batpod instead of Batmobile. When the same bike was used in the second part of this trilogy, it instantly hit among the motorcycle and Batman fans. This future motorcycle design is challenging to drive. According to Jean-Pierre Goy and Mental Floss, a particular stunt driver has trained for months to ride such a best hybrid motorcycle.

TRON: Legacy-The Lightcycle:

best futuristic motorcycle designs

This is one of the best futuristic motorcycle designs and top automatic motorcycles used in the movie. One exciting thing about this newest motorcycle technology is that it is not just a film bike, but it can also be riding. The Parker Brothers created the street-legal replica of Lightcycle. This new motorcycle technology is worth praising, and the futuristic biker can enjoy the ride of this futuristic motorbike in the future.

Priest- The Vampire Hunting Machine:

The future of motorcycles seems bright when we have a glimpse of the Vampire Hunting Machine. This machine is one of the futuristic motorcycles for sale. This cool motorcycle design is a customized Suzuki 650. This new motorcycle car can be turned into reality in the future and be one of the real futuristic motorcycles. Isn’t it cool?

Honda V4 Concept:

Honda V4

Another hot bike model is the Honda V4 Concept. Through this model, they have reminded riders what Honda can achieve and what it is capable of. In this motorcycle 2020, Honda has created a balanced amalgamation of technology and design to form a new motorcycle car and an exceptional ride for the rider. As Honda is a name of coolness and aestheticism, so is this motorcycle futuristic. Moreover, when we look at Honda’s back catalog, this best hybrid motorcycle is no surprise. However, this newest motorcycle technology is impressive as it is powered by a 12000cc V-4 engine and a semi-auto gearbox with both the options, manual and automatic. Nice!

BMW Motorrad’s Vision Next 100:

This BMW automatic motorcycle is a bike recently announced and is dubbed as the motorcycle of the future. Aptly named, this BMW future bike has advanced technology and a cool design. This best hybrid motorcycle comes with a balance reflex that automatically stabilizes itself when the bike detects a near topple. This BMW’s future bike is the rise of technology, when Edgar Heinrich, the head of the design, said, “Riding a motorcycle is the ultimate sensual and analog experience in a more and more digital world.” Yes, this future motorcycle design is the future of motorcycles and does not let you down with its intricate design and advanced technology.

Yamaha PES2:

If we find a bike that looks too much futuristic, Yamaha PES2 is one of those. However, the design of this Yamaha PES2 street sport is its shortcoming that lets this bike down with the frame of the motorcycle and the primary motor designed as a single unit. Sad! The plastic effect, As a result, the plastic product makes this one of the best Yamaha 2020 motorcycles look fake and cheap. Moreover, the style of this Yamaha PES2 looks like a skeleton, and people avoid riding a bike that is like a pile of bones. The bike also sports two cameras, disk brakes, and GreenCore technology on both wheels.

Kawasaki J:

Futuristic Motorcycle

Kawasaki released a video in 2018 in which it showed the Kawasaki J Concept. This hot bike model is complete with the latest technology and amazing design. Moreover, unlike other bikes, this bike was also a three-wheeled motorcycle, a Kawasaki favorite. The mode is sleek and beautiful and takes away the magical and cool element of a proper two-wheeled motor machine. But there is a flaw in the design as this new motorcycle car is much lower than other bikes. That is why it is likely that the rider will suffer from aches and back pain due to constant hunching. This is disappointing as Kawasaki can do better than that. Come on, Kawasaki!

Harley-Davidson Project Livewire:

electric motorcycles

Electric vehicles are now becoming a thing of the present, so are electric motorcycles. With Harley-Davidson at the top, this motorcycle of the future is an outstanding engineering project. In the recent past, Harley-Davidson was presenting the idea of electric motorcycles, and finally, 2019/2020 was the date of the release of the electric motorcycle. Unfortunately, there are few specs as far as Harley is concerned, but interesting gossips are in the market about this monotracer for sale. One of them was that the very bike could go from 0-60 mph in just four seconds. Moreover, its acceleration is much faster than the other non-electric motorcycles were among the other 2020 motorcycle rumors. But there is no denying that the future is of electric vehicles and electric bikes are about to take over the world.

BMW Hover Ride:

BMW automatic motorcycle

BMW and Lego had turned dreams into reality when they made a 603-part flying bike kit. The experiment ended in the BMW Hover Ride, a full-scale model. About this model. About this BMW automatic motorcycle, the company said, “Our concept not only incorporates the BMW Motorrad design DNA with typical elements such as the boxer engine and the characteristic GS silhouette, but it also draws on the LEGO Technic stylistic idiom.” The concept was soon a hit as rumors were spread about a new range of BMW-built hovercrafts. However, BMW rejected these rumors.

Hoversurf S3:

A motorbike is not dangerous enough, not frightening enough, and not scary enough for some riders. That was true until the Hoversurf S3. With its coming into the market, the company decided to make traveling more terrifying. Considering an alternative to automobiles, planes, and trains, this newest motorcycle technology combines both automated and manual control. This best hybrid motorcycle is more a motorbike than a hover surf. The heavy-duty sport motorbike frame is an inspiration for this bike and can hit the maximum speed of 50kph. Very fast! But there is no official date of its release. However, this future motorcycle will come with whopping 150000 dollars.

Husqvarna 701 Vitpilen Concept:

Husqvarna 701 Vitpilen Concept

When it comes to one of the most beautiful bikes in the market, the Husqvarna 701 Vitpilen Concept is there with its LED lighting and angular bodywork, a significant highlight. Interestingly, this new motorcycle technology is so lightweight that it hardly gives a sound while moving at an exceptional speed. Those who like the sound of the bikes are not going to love this bike. However, it seems that glossy engines and smooth-sounding bikes are futuristic concepts. That’s right! The Vitpilen is one of those bikes that have new motorcycle technology with excellent motorcycle design.

In short, motorcycles are symbols of coolness. With dashing looks, roaring sounds, and advanced technology, they attract rides all over the world. With technology, new features and specs are used. With no stoppage to technology, futuristic and new bikes reviewed above represent the latest motorcycle technology. Some of these future motorcycles are just concepts until now, but they can soon come into reality, meaning futuristic bikes.

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