The Seven Scarcely Credible Steampunk Motorcycles

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You will find Steampunk everywhere, even when you are closer to the neon Tron bikes. Steampunk is a style and art that will never go into extinction. Instead, it may exist one day. The newest manifestation of this famous retro technology trend, the steampunk motorcycle, is Russian designer Mikhail Smolyanov. He is a man who is behind this brilliant take on a steampunk-inspired bike, a monowheel motorcycle. Such men’s brilliance and creative work are praise-worthy around the world for developing such ideas and whose abilities and imagination give birth to such kind of steampunk art.

As everything has inspiration behind it, so has steampunk motorcycles. Aeroplanes and racing cars from the 1920s are an inspiration for recycling motorcycles. This concept is named the ARX-4 Steampunk. In this concept, the V8 engine is used to power the steampunk wheels moved by an axle rather than by a chain link or a traditional belt drive.

If steampunk existed today, it would look like the concept mentioned above. Although this is just a concept, we can take a picture of this concept to know how recycled motorcycles could look like in the real world. Nothing provokes the Mad Max movies or says steampunk trike, especially in an era when mad max slick rubs and steam-crazed inventors were playing with the idea of blazing a trail into coming days or a lawless, post-apocalyptic world.

We have enlisted certain recycled motorcycles that have been built or restored from scratch using steampunk parts, steampunk gear, steampunk wheels, steampunk style, and cool old motorcycles. Building a bike from scratch requires a lot of effort, skill, and creativity. As one of the creators, Daniel Pon, a steampunk motorcycle is a “true vehicle for the subversive.” Here is a list of recycled motorcycles in the steampunk style and Steampunk Harley.

Paradox Motorbike:

Being first on the list of motorcycle steampunk, it is a symbol of creativity and imagination. The steampunk biker will get surprised by the attention and diligence have given to this steampunk bobber. As we look deeply into this model, this punk motorcycle is an absolute stunner. Old parts have been used with the same attention and detail that people used to have when everything was manual and made by hand. This homemade motorcycle frame’s excellent features are an antique brass bicycle lamp with a custom-made visor as a headlight and bat-shaped skirts (made from found pieces of leather) used as wheel fenders. Recycled motorcycle stuff has been ideally used in this hybrid motorcycle for sale. As the creator mentioned above, Daniel Pon puts about this incredible old motorcycle, “Most of these items were either fabricated from scratch or a modification of some other object.”

These copper motorcycle parts and items were used for something else and not serving their original purpose. This tote goat motorcycle, tote goat parts for sale, and steampunk parts for sale have been used to create steampunk motorbike. This is what steampunk motorcycles are about. Except for its look, the way the Paradox motorbike’s engine has been revamped is fantastic. Building around an old Chinese 66cc 2-stroke engine, the old copper tubing has been used as a fuel line in the first modification. This technique was used in old motorcycles, but the shape is no longer ancient and old. According to Pon, “The looping pattern was functional to aid in preventing particulates from travelling from the tank to the carburettor.” In addition to this, the antique glass fuel filter demands your attention. With time, this bicycle is getting better.

The jackshaft enables the bike to work with traditional gearing by allowing it to drive the pedal side chain. That means seven gears for you and me. That combination was perfect for Pon, who took part in the 49-mile Vintage Motorcycle tide in San Francisco in back 2010 and was able to compete with full-size motorcycles even on the hilly city’s steepest slopes.

Whirlygig Emoto Steampunk Motorbike:

Whirlygig Emoto Steampunk Motorbike

Although this bike may look a little bit frail, yet it is Steampunk to the full extent. Tom Sepe built this bike in the 1967 tote-gote frame. He had to cut these frames in half to make room for his backpack and batteries and strengthen them with cross bracing. These type of finishes touches catch our eyes by their creativity. Check out the control panel full of flashing lights, switches, and even a repurposed knob that appears as if it had come from the previous model.

While explaining the beginning of this strange and unique steampunk motorbike, Tom says, “I had a small motor lying around my warehouse, and I tossed that in.” this bike is custom-made. He further says, “This is just a metal disk I welded onto the rear hub, and I got this off of a motorcycle brake. Although it rubs a little bit, yet it stops the bike.” As we all know brake is the main thing. Otherwise, you will find yourself in trouble. For steam effects, this bike has a steam boiler on the back.

Moreover, this steam boiler is not connected to wheels. But the effect is brilliant. Tom further says, “If I crank it up high, you will find flames coming out of the back of the bike, which is cool.” This is mainly for child’s play. Hats off to creativity, repurposing, and good old-fashioned fun.

Bobster Trike:

The motorcycle builders Zeel design has designed this fantastic and brilliant steampunk style trike in Saint-Pie, Quebec, Canada. As we have already said, aeroplanes inspired these bikes, so Zeel was a former Bombardier aircraft engineer. He knows well about these kinds of stuff and creates these designs on their computer first and then turns them into reality. Digitalizing first these designs allows them to modify and change too much on-screen rather than tinkering while building. This now only saves time but also materials and resources.

Praiseworthy. This bike was first made for the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off competition. This trike’s materials and parts include a 1200cc Sportster engine, a handmade seat, five-speed transmission, and is entirely copper platted. Vintage pieces have been used to combine oil and fuel tanks. It is fantastic to know that it only took ten days to build the trike for the competition. Another excellent factor is that it has a monster 26-inch front wheel. Only a few bikes have such a giant front wheel, but the Bobster pulls it nicely with its curved design. Coming to the engine that is hand engraved and it costs only $65000.

Newstalgia Chopper:

David Coker of Newstalgia Wheels has built this model. The inspiration behind this was a 1964 Harley-Davidson. The mixture of new and old is perfect, and according to Coker’s business, the wheel steals the show. At the back of the motorcycle is a fat vintage tire, and there is a Radio spindle mount at the front. But both these are suspended by airbag bellows. Another innovative feature of this bike is the giant drum taken from an old Mercury and wedged inside a drag slick, which serves as brakes. Nice.

Moreover, two exhaust pipes give a loud sound. However, the Steampunk –cum-Mad Max look is ensured by wicker footrests and a faux gaslight. But there are some extras that you may want to tinker with. This is how creativity and good-look meet when you see this motorcycle.

Electric Motorcycle:

This brilliant and fabulous electric motorcycle was first seen at the Maker Faire 2010 in San Mateo, CA. The user name was Flickr user Everfalling. This is one of the best homemade motorcycles. This homemade motorcycle frame is an excellent combination of modern qualities with a touch of nostalgia, especially when we talk about dials and switches. This homemade motorbike’s light structure gives the impression as if it had been made from some leftover aluminium rods. As far as the upper body is concerned, it gives the appearance of a treadmill. Meanwhile, the handlebar of this crazy-looking motorcycle is inspired by a bicycle.

Black covers in front hide much of the motor and protect it. The rest of the bike is a manifestation of fantastic work of wiring. In colour, it is aluminium, black, or silver but sticking to the overall colour scheme of this homemade motorbike. Two people can sit on the seat, and it is like a lap of luxury. Its look is pleasing to see, and an additional appealing factor is that it is electric. Not precisely a steampunk but somehow futuristic and inspiration for many a spinoff.

Hubbard Steam-Powered Motorcycle:

Steam-Powered Motorcycle

Being a steam-powered motorcycle, the Hubbard Steam-powered motorcycle is a fantastic machine. As you will see only a few steam cycles globally, nothing can get more authentic than this bike. Hubbard made this bike by following an old 1918 article titled “A Design of a Steam Motor Cycle.” As far as the frame of this bike is concerned, it is from Germany. We find fuel, water, and alcohol tanks and the fuel vintage pressurizer to see the cycle.

The manual feedwater preheater and feedwater pump lie below, and there is a mechanical feedwater pump in the middle. Although this bike is very excellent, yet this awesomeness could not prevent it from lying in a chicken coop for many years. Had it not been found by Dick Greene, it would have been in seclusion for eternity. Anderson restored its lost glory after buying from Greene. He has used salvaged parts wherever they were needed ever since the steam engine is functioning successfully—a steampunk fairytale.

RIOT Wheel:

Unlike other motorcycles mentioned above, the RIOT Wheel as a monowheel motorcycle is a different invention by Jake Lyall. It is such as beautiful monowheel motorcycle for sale that we had to include this in the list. Although this monowheel bike for sale is unique and strange in its look, yet this 1100-pound fat bike looks like some salvaged parts have been used while building this bike. This crazy-looking bike is also weird because the rider has to sit in front and outside of the single wheel. This has nothing to do with the engine’s thrust.

Instead, the job is managed by a lead-weighted Honda 80cc four-stroke scooter engine. It has also been the fastest monowheel bike on Earth by touching the speed of 56 mph, but this record was broken by the lighter aluminium RIOT 2 and RIOT 3. What makes this monowheel bike more impressive is it’s a real community effort. Though spearheaded by Lyall, many people invested their time and energy, and expertise in putting the right things in proper places. But it is an excellent bike to look at.


To conclude, we can safely say that the bikes mentioned above are real Steampunk and crazy-looking motorcycles. These are inspired by 1960s aeroplanes and motor cars and designed thus. Steampunk parts such as steampunk wheels, copper motorcycle parts, steampunk hand, steampunk motorcycle gear, steampunk style, recycled biker stuff, vintage motorcycle engines, old motorcycle engines, and mad motorcycle wheels have been used to create such pictures of creativity and brilliance.


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