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Wyoming King Bed

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Wyoming is one of the biggest states in the US in terms of area. Logically, the bed named after the state, Wyoming king bed is large. The Wyoming king bed is bigger than all standard mattress sizes. This king mattress size is suitable for those who enjoy having more sleeping space. This double king bed can be 8 to 32 inches wider than the king-size bed. That makes king mattress size widest among standard-sized mattresses. This article will define the Wyoming king bed, the advantages of sleeping on a double king bed and compare this biggest bed size with Alaskan king and Texas king.

Before knowing the benefits of sleeping on this double king-size bed, let first know the dimensions and other features of the Wyoming king bed.

Wyoming King Bed:

A Wyoming king bed has a width and length of 84 inches each. This big bed offers 42 inches of space to each sleeper that is 4 inches more per side than a standard king-size bed offers. When it comes to length, this double king-size bed has the same length of 84 inches as that of the California king-size bed, which is the longest mattress available in the market. Some couples or large families find a Cal king bed narrow because their children often cuddle and climb on this bed with them.

Being 12 inches wider than the Cal king bed and 8 inches than the California king bed, this biggest bed provides enough space without being pushed to the corner of the bed. Some may think that this largest bed size is difficult to fit in a room, but to their surprise, this biggest bed in the world can comfortably fit in a standard 14 foot by 16-foot master bedroom. However, if your bedroom is on the narrow side and has no enough space, the extra width of this big bed may not fit in that room. The Wyoming king mattress is a good option for those couples of families who enjoy sleeping and feel cramped in a large-sized bed.

Mattress Construction:

1: Comfort Layer:

  • 1-inch soft Organic Cotton Quilt
  • 2 inch 4 LB Gel Memory Foam
  • 2 inch Talalay Latex
  • Smooth top Organic Cotton Bottom

2: A Support Layer:

  • One ¼ 1.8 LB Convoluted Foam layer
  • 6 inch individually pocketed coils, foam encased
  • ¾ inch high-density foam

A Great Option For:

  • Taller people who crave extra length to have a comfortable sleep.
  • Couples with kids.
  • People with large pets may sleep in the bed too.


  • Spacious for large couples and families.
  • Except for a couple, a child can also share the space.


  • Expensive than the largest standard size bed.
  • Small for couples or families with more than two children.


Being the largest bed, this ace family-size bed provides some extra space for couples. That is why sleeping on this world’s biggest bed has several advantages and transforms your bedtime experience. There are some advantages of sleeping on this one of the biggest beds.

• Feel a Sense of Luxury:

With the extra space the biggest bed provides, you can feel the sense of luxury and hotel feeling every night. It is enjoyable to jump on this ultra king-size bed and sleep without fear of falling from the other edge of the bed. Moreover, there is something right about having the right level of softness to help you ward off the tiredness of the day and find a sound sleep without sinking into the surface too far. When it comes down to it, this grand king bed gives a sense of luxury that adds to more restful sleep.

If you have already had an experience of sleeping on a standard size bed, you have an idea why you should be sleeping on a Wyoming bed. To avoid the disruption of sleeping with others and stretch out as you need help, you wake up refresh every morning and ready to enjoy each day.

• Make the Best Use of a Big Room:

Another advantage of this giant bed is that it makes the best use of a big room. Nowadays, builders make master bedrooms the biggest ever, and the normal size bed may likely look dwarfed in a large room. The square shape and large size of this bed, bigger than the king, best fit into the aesthetics of the spacious room, large and open. Moreover, when you combine this with the right bedding, you will discover that this bed bigger than a traditional king bed becomes a focal point that makes the best use of the extra space of the room.

• Enjoy more Comfortable Family Bed-sharing:

Couples with children or families today like to co-sleep on the same bed to help young children sleep and enhance family bonding. Whether you have one kid who is getting bigger or more than one kid, you need extra space for every one you share a bed with. A Wyoming bed is larger than king size bed, gives you more space, and you can fit all your kinds without having thought of falling.

• Create Room for your Large Dog:

Pet lovers treat their pets like family members, and you may not want to leave your pet out when it comes to bed-sharing. That means you need extra space to fit your pet. Co-sleeping with your pet gives you a sense of security. A wider and longer bed allows you to sleep with the pet. You can feel their presence without having them too close to your face.

• Reduce Night Time Wake-ups:

You want to have a peaceful sleep, and it is difficult to fear being waked up from your partner’s activity on the bed. Don’t worry! wyoming king bed has enough space for you. It also gives a great feeling to know that you have enough space to stretch out when you go to sleep. Many couples deal with a sleep disorder or different work schedules that can wake the other partner up. This biggest bed made has a solution for you. By providing large space, this longest mattress lets you have a deep sleep without being disturbed by your partner’s activities. All the extra space you get on this largest size mattress means those little rollovers and snores will not leave you turning and tossing.

• Give Enough Space to Spread Out:

A traditional king-size bed has a length of 80 inches. People with more than six feet of height find it difficult to sleep on this bed. So, those extra four inches you find on this biggest king-size bed make it possible for you to sleep without getting your feet dangled awkwardly over the edge of the bed.

Now, we will discuss the Texas king bed and an Alaskan king bed and differentiate between the Wyoming king bed.

Alaskan King Bed:

Alaskan King Bed

Alaska is the largest state of the US in terms of an area that explains where the largest oversized bed, Alaska king bed derives its name from. Having a measurement of 108 inches by 108 inches, the Alaska size gives you and your whole family enough space to have the luxury and comfortable sleep. The square-shaped Alaska king mattress is 24 inches wider and longer than the Wyoming king-size and 24 inches longer than the California king-size.

The extra length is perfect for tall people to have perfect sleep, and the extra width gives large families the luxury of sleep together. If you live in a large family and have more than two children, co-sleeping on the Alaskan king mattress will give you a sense of comfort and luxury. The size of Alaska will accommodate the whole family without causing any sleep disruption. So, the Alaskan king-size bed is a perfect choice for couples with more than two children, large families, and couples with different sleep schedules.

Texas King:

Texas King

Since Texas is the largest state of the US only after Alaska, the Texas king bed is the second largest in terms of mattress size. This 80 inches by 98 inches Texas king is narrower than the Wyoming king, the smallest oversized mattress. However, this is compensated by the extra length of 14 inches that this Texas king mattress offers as it has 98 inches in length, so that the Texas king bed size will be suitable for taller sleepers. On the other hand, the width of 80 inches of Texas mattress is not a good choice for more sleepers. If you have children and more sleepers, then Wyomingthe king bed is better than the Texas king bed.

The 24 inches more length of this bed is perfect for tall people who crave extra length. As compared to an Alaskan king bed, this bed is 28 inches narrower and 10 inches shorter. For tall sleepers who don’t have enough rooms to accommodate an Alaskan king, the rectangular-shaped Texas king is a good option.


The Wyoming king bed is named after the Wyoming state. Being one of the largest states, the mattress after its name is also one of the biggest mattresses. In addition to providing extra space, this grand king mattress gives you the feeling of luxury and comfortable sleep. However, you will have to find a specialty retailer who makes mattresses to order.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The standard mattress sizes include California king, king, Olympic queen, queen, full, full xl, twin and twin xl. The queen size can accommodate couples as well, but some standard mattresses are suitable for single sleepers.

Since Wyoming kings are specialty-sized beds, these are not carried by most of the in-store retailers. It is also difficult to find this mattress online. You will have to find a specialty mattress retailer if you want to buy a Wyoming king mattress.

84 inch by 84 inches (213 cm ×213 cm).


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